30.06.2018 Cologne / Germany

Kaiserliches Hauskonzert
Solo Recital with works of R. Schumann, F. Chopin, J. Constantinidi & Α. Ginastera
Info : https://www.agapiano.com/de/

17+18.06.2018 Athens / Greece

Cultural Foundation of the Greek National Bank
Athens Festival
DUO AURA in works of S. Rachmaninoff, D. Schostakowitsch & A. Piazzolla
Info & Tickets : ​https://www.miet.gr/event-list/

27.02.2018 Athens / Greece

Radio3 - Classic radiostation of Greek Radio (ERT)
Live from the Broadcasting "Tuesday, at 3 p.m. on Radio3"
DUO AURA plays works of E.Grieg, S. Rachmaninoff & A.Piazzolla
Guest Star : Stavros Lantsias
Live streaming : http://webradio.ert.gr/trito/

20.11.2017 Cologne / Germany

Musikhochschule Köln
Eros Trio
L.v.Beethoven Piano Trio Op.70, Nr.1

28.10.2017 Cologne / Germany

Das Wilde Wohnzimmer
Montepulciano meets Cologne
Solo Recital with works of D.Scarlatti, W.A.Mozart, F.Liszt, F.Chopin,
A.Skrjabin, J.Constantinidi & A.Ginastera

14.10.2017 Burscheid / Germany

Kultur Badehaus Burscheid
Solo Recital with works of D.Scarlatti, W.A.Mozart, F.Liszt, F.Chopin, 
​A.Skrjabin, G. Constantinidis & A.Ginastera
Info & Tickets : http://kulturverein-burscheid.de/page/karten-und-abos/

07.07.2017 Mycenae / Greece

Classic meets antiquity
Eros Trio
Works of F. Mendelsohn

06.07.2017 Athens / Greece

Greek - American College
College Theater
10 p.m.
Piano Masterclass on the L.V.Beethoven´s Sonata Op.57 (Appassionata)

16.04.2017 Alkmaar / The Netherlands

Taqa Theater de Vest
Duo Aura
Works of R. Schumann, E. Grieg & C. Debussy
Info & Tickets : ​https://theaterdevest.nl/tickets/

16.03.2017 Istanbul / Turkey

Lysee Notre Dame de Sion
Duo Aura
Works of R. Schumann, D. Schostakowitsch & I. Stravinsky
Info & Tickets : http://www.nds.k12.tr/Duo-Aura-8321
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